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The Stories of Ella Mary Leather



Click on questions below:

You’ll find the locations for the stories by clicking on the story on the STORY MAP. It gives you a Google map link, postal address and instructions to reach your destination. There’s also a photograph of a landmark you need to locate when you get there. When you get there it might look different than the photograph depending on the season.

Go to the STORY MAP, choose the story you’d like to experience and follow the instructions. Each story will only play in the location given. The stories play through the Youtube app so you need to download this in advance.

You can use a tablet e.g. iPad as long as it has mobile data.

If you can’t get to the locations, all stories will be unlocked and made available to experience from any location from 26 March 2023.

If you cannot experience the story it could be for a variety of reasons. Here’s a checklist to help find out what the problem might be:
1. Are you in the location given for the story? If not you’ll need to travel to the location given.
2. Do you have data switched on? If not you’ll need to switch it on
3. Depending on conditions out of our control e.g your mobile phone or your mobile providers data signal, the stories may not play
4. Allow Locations Permission in Browser (Android: Settings>Location>Use Location or iPhone: Settings>Privacy>Location Services)

These stories were produced to provide a fully immersive experience and part of that is being in the locations where the stories took place. Watching the stories in the specific locations enhances the overall audio visual experience. However, stories will be freely accessible from any location from 26 March 2023.

All experiences are available from nearby accessible roads and paths if you cannot make it any closer.

None of the locations require climbing, jumping, or any activity that requires more exertion than walking at your own pace. When heading to and whilst at the locations, all users are responsible for their own health and safety so please take appropriate measures. Go in pairs or groups where possible and always tell someone where you are going before you set off.

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